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Redkey USB - Wipe Tool

I recently got a Redkey USB because of a project to reload laptops for a donation. I was very impressed when trying it out, I ran into a few issues, but support was very fast to respond. Because of the great experience I purchase one.


Deployment of Redkey is easy.

Boot into the Redkey USB


Select 1 for Graphical or 2 for Text Based. By default, Graphical will be loaded once the timer ends.


Select a resolution


Select a Language


Click start


The all hard drives detected will wipe


Once done, you should see a summary.


In my testing, I try to recover any files using CCleaner Recuva. In the past, Recuva helps me recover files before. In my testing, Recuva was not able to recover any files. I ran Recuva multiple times, and nothing was found.


Here is a video demo:

I have my Redkey USB setup with a custom script to deploy my wipe configuration, below is the file.

Download TXT • 4KB

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