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How to get a list of users in PagerDuty using REST API v2 and PowerShell

First get a API Key, skip if you already have a API Key.

Log into your PagerDuty instance, go to Configuration > API Access


Click on Create New API Key

Add a Description, then select Create Key


You should now have a PagerDuty API key



PagerDuty has an excellent API reference

Under the section for Users > Create a User they give us hints on how we can code this in PowerShell. We will be using the Invoke-RestMethod, and we will start with the header.

In the API reference page, we can try out the API calls, when click try PagerDuty shows all actions.

Also keep note of the method of "GET"


Requests Header

We need to transform it for the Invoke-RestMethod, this is how it should look like


Here is a example code


Lets build a function.

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