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How to SFTP using Powershell

I have a few projects where I need to pull files from a SFTP server into a Windows network share. In this post we will go over how to use POSH-SSH and the SFPT functions.


Installing POSH-SSH

Open Powershell as Administrator and run the below command:

Find-Module Posh-SSH | Install-Module


Lets now take a look at all the new functions that got added by entering the Get-Command -Module posh-ssh | ft -AutoSize


Now that we have POSH-SSH installed we can try out some of the commands. I found a free SFTP site ( that allows you to test out SFTP.

Lets start off by Importing the POSH-SSH module


Lets add the credentials into the $Credential variable


Enter the User Name and Password provided by (


Lets check the $Credential variable


Lets use the New-SFTPSession command to connect into the SFTP server


Lets take a look at the items in the root directory


After poking around we found some files in /pub/example


Lets just display only the FullName


Lets filter just the files with the .png file extension


Lets pass all the files into the $SFTPFiles variable


Let create a ForEach loop to get the file then test if it was copied to c:\test directory.


Your output should look like this


Full code:

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