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Add Synopsis to your code

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

The first thing you should do when writing a PowerShell script is to start off with a comment based help. With comment based help at the start of your code you can use the command get-help ps_script.ps1 and the comment based help outputs. I usually just put necessary information about my script and some examples on how to use the script. You can also use the comment based help to keep track for code versions and even add notes on future updates and bugs you plan to fix in the future. I usually refer comment based help as a synopsis.

For more details here is Microsoft page on comment based help.

You can download the the template from CIT-DevOps GitHub repository Synopsis Template.ps1. The repository also includes other projects I am working on. Visit the repository for the latest version of scripts.

The below command will create a folder on the current users desktop called "Cit-DevOps PowerShell Modules" if missing. Once the folder is created download the Synopsis Template.ps1 in the "Cit-DevOps PowerShell Modules" folder.


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