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How to Sync Active Directory groups

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

User Nightingal on the MS Technet Forum needed help with a PowerShell script to sync Security Group A to Security Group B.

The best way I could think of is to compare the two security groups and sync the users to Security Group B.

I built a function to compare the two security groups actions of SYNC, ADD, REMOVE, TEST. I have also added a few error checking, like BREAK if Security Group A is missing. Alternatively, create Security Group B in the same OU as Security Group A if missing.

Here is the code:

As always you can find the code at my GitHub Repo Sync-ADGroup.ps1.


Code Modded for u/SoapCobra on Reddit


u/SoapCobra requested for a pop up box for users to enter information.

After function is loaded just run the below command:

A pop-up input box will ask for Source Group once entered. A new pop input box will ask for Destination Group. One the groups are entered the code syncs the groups.

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