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Clonezilla Restore Image using Bootable USB

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

In our last few posts, we created a bootable Clonezilla USB (Creating a bootable Clonezilla USB post) and also capture a Windows 10 image using the bootable Clonezilla USB (Clonezilla Capture image using Bootable USB).

In this post, we will be restoring the captured image.


Boot into the Clonezilla USB and select "Clonezilla live (Default settings, VGA 800x600)"


Select your preferred language.


Select the keyboard layout.


Select "Start_Clonezilla Start Clonezilla"


Select "device-image work with disks or partitions using images"


Select "local_dev Use local device (E.g. : hard drive, USB drive)"


Press Enter to start scanning for USB devices.


Clonezilla detected my USB


Select the partition where you want to save your image. I am selecting the NTFS Storage partition on the USB.


We need to tell Clonzilla what directory is for Clonezilla images, Press Tab and Press Enter on Done


Clonezilla will mount the partition


Select "Beginner Beginner mode: Accept the default options"


Select "restoredisk Restore_an_image_to_local_disk"


Select the image you want to restore


Select the hard drive you want to restore the image to


Select "Yes, check the saved image" to check if the image is restorable. If will take longer to take the image or you can just select "-scs No, skip checking the saved image" to skip the check.


Select the action you want to happen after the image is done capturing. I selected "-p poweroff Shutdown"


Clonezilla will output everything as a command if you need to re-run.


Clonezilla will ask if you are sure you want to continue, type y and press enter.


Clonezilla will ask one more time if you are sure you want to restore, type y and press enter.


Clonezilla will start the restore process


If everything went well, your image should be restored.

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