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Updated: May 25, 2020

Every System Admin has favorite applications and tools they use. Here are some of the tools I use every day.


MacBook Pro 15-inch


Visual Studio Code


Royal TSX

Why use a Mac? I guess its my preference, I like the variety of applications and how well they work on Mac. Mac applications seem like they are built on a higher standard then Windows.

Looking for a good application to write code? Take a look at MS Visual Studio Code, it has a nice UI and powerful add ons. The PowerShell add on helps find syntax errors and issues with my code. A great alternative is Sublime Text, I switch to Visual Studio Code because of the PowerShell add on and features.

TextExpander helps me be more efficient. I don’t think most people have ever used TextExpander or similar tools. The first time I try it out it seems like a niche software with limited application. I use TextExpander to expand code templates, standard message, and commands I run on systems. I built forms that populate templates and reply back to end users with standardizing messages that are customized to that user with a quick press of a hotkey or special phase.

Royal TSX is by far my favorite remote management tool I have ever used. The clean UI and amazing features make managing systems easy. It takes some time to configure Royal TSX and its well worth it if you do. Royal TSX has amazing features like keeping a full history of your ssh sessions so you can look back at all the commands you ran. With Royal TSX I can RDP to a Windows host then quickly switching to a Linux host with all of your sessions in a clean tab UI.

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